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KZYEE KM301 OBD+Battery Analyzer+Reset

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KZYEE KM301 OBD+Battery Analyzer+Reset ,Free Shipping with best price.
KZYEE KM301 OBD+Battery Analyzer+Reset

KZYEE KM301 Function 1: OBDII/EOBD
• Compatible with vehicles since 1996 (OBDII and CAN)
• Retrieves Generic (P0,P2,P3 and U0), Manufacturer Specific (P1,P3 and U1) and Pending Codes.
• Reads, displays and clears DTC codes
• Reads and displays VIN information
• Reads and displays monitor status
• Multilingual
• Displays, records and playbacks complete OBDII vehicle data stream
• Displays DTC Cause/Tips
• Presents graphs data
• Upgrades via network
• Detects I/M Readiness Status through hotkey
• Prints data through computers

KZYEE KM301 Function 2: Battery Analyzer
• Application: Suitable for 12v lead-acid battery
• Language: Multilingual
• Battery Test: Battery on and off the vehicle
• Battery Parameters Tested: Voltage (V), Life (%), Capacity, Internal Resistance (mΩ)
• Test Results: Good or need to be replaced
• Quick Test: After entering AH, battery status can be directly tested.
• Vehicle Cranking System Test: Cranking Time, Voltage and Status
• Vehicle Charging System Test: Load Voltage, Unloaded Voltage, Ripple Status and Charging System Status.
• Storage: Able to store test results and print via computer

KZYEE KM301 Function 3: Battery Reset
• After replacement of new battery, the device will reset battery. It applies to batteries matching the following vehicle models:
Audi,Volkswagen,Skoda,Seat,BMW,Peugeot,Citroen,Ford,Jaguar,Land Rover,Mazda,MITSUBISHI,Nissan/Infiniti,Porsche,TOYOTA/Lexus,Volvo,China


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