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KZYEE KS21 Battery Analyzer

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KZYEE KS21 Battery Analyzer the conductivity method to measure, the test is accurate, fast and easy to operate.
KZYEE KS21 Battery Analyzer

KZYEE KS21 Features:
KZYEE KS21 Using the conductivity method to measure, the test is accurate, fast and easy to operate, and the display 
is intuitive. This instrument is applied to the CCA, DIN, IEC, EN, JIS# and Others battery test. 
 This instrument tests by low frequency signal,
without an external large load to discharge, the battery will not be damaged.The battery can be tested in car, the instrument itself without batteries,
it will be charged directly by the battery under test, and it s easy to use
Precautions for use
1. This product is the testing tool for 12V vehicle.
2. If testing in car and the engine is running, please switch off the engine and then turn the key to the OFF 
3. If the battery is in a fully charge state, the voltage will be slightly higher than normal, please turn on the 
headlight 2 to 3 minutes until the voltage drops back to normal before testing.
4. Please do not store or use this product in an area exposed to direct sunlight, or exposed to high 
temperature or high humidity environment, otherwise it may cause deformation or damage to the product.

Instructions for use: 
While using this product, please clip the black clamp of the instrument to the cathode of the battery under 
test, and clip the red one to the battery anode. The instrument will automatically  power on , and display 
the function selection menu, there are two functions: “Battery Test” and “Contrast”.Select the 
“Contrast” to adjust the contrast.After setting the contrast, select the “Battery Test” function, there are five 
options in the item selection menu:
 1.Battery test; 
2.Charging test; 
3.Start-up test; 
4.Load test;
5.Exit.Press the “Enter/Exit” and “Scroll” button can select the function that you need to test. 
1. Battery test
Select the “Battery Test”, press the “Enter/Exit” key to enter the interface of battery specification selection, 
there are seven selections: CCA(SAE), IEC, EN, DIN, JIS#, Others,Exit.
Select the desired battery specification and set the battery paramete.After setting the battery parameters, press the “Enter/Exit” key to start analyzing the battery, the 
instrument will display the measurement results after about 4 seconds,the screen will show the battery 
start-up current, voltage, battery resistance, battery life and whether the battery need to be replaced.
There are four test results:
Lifetime Test Results Remar
>80%   Excellent The battery is in very excellent condition 
 Passable  The battery is passable 
 >45% Attention The battery is OK, but need to pay attention
 <45% Replace  The battery is at the end of its life, suggest to replace
2. Charging test
Select the “Charging Test” option, press the “Enter/Exit” key to test the charging system of the car. The 
instrument will prompt to start the engine and then press the“Enter/Exit” key again to enter the charging 
test, then read the maximum/ minimum value
3. Start-up test
Select the “Start-up test” option, press the “Enter/Exit” key to test the starter.
4.Maximum load system test
Preparation before testing: If the vehicle is in flameout status, please start the engine.
After starting the engine, please connect the KS21 to the battery, turn on all electrical  systems ( lights, 
air-conditioning, warning system). Increase the engine speed to 2000 RPM for 15 seconds. Select the “Load Test” item, press the “Enter/Exit” Key, it will display the Maximum Load menu. 
Package includes:

1pc x  KS21 Battery Analyzer


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